Boeing UK Supplier Competitiveness Workshop

25th September 2019, Seattle


Boeing’s Long Term Partnering Initiative with the UK Government, announced in July 2016, has delivered a number of achievements against its goals to see Boeing grow in the UK, increase bidding opportunities for UK companies for Boeing work, and boost collaborative R&D opportunities. As part of its commitment to increase opportunities for UK suppliers, Boeing has hosted a major event each year with a Supply Chain Event in Seattle in 2016, a Technology Showcase in Seattle in 2017, and a defence focused Supplier Showcase in St. Louis in October 2018. UK industry, aware of developments in the range of Boeing’s civil aircraft fleet and military platforms, are keen to showcase their latest products and services that will help make Boeing more competitive and successful at the platform level. Whereas the Technology Showcase focussed at a lower technology readiness levels (TRLs) it is proposed to hold a UK Supplier Competitiveness Workshop for products that are ready now or at a high enough TRL to be embodied within existing or future airplane programs, as well as technology for upgrades to existing civil and military platforms.

Format & Timing

The Supplier Workshop event is timed to coincide with two UK-themed aerospace activities in Seattle that week to maximise the publicity for the UK aerospace industry:

- The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, will be visiting Seattle on Monday 23 September as part of their 2019 North American tour. The day-long programme will be aimed at supporting trade and investment between the UK and the US, and STEM education. Precise details of the Red Arrows programme will be revealed nearer the time.

The Red Arrows are renowned as one of the world’s premier aerobatic display teams, having performed almost 5,000 times in 57 countries since 1965. Flying nine BAE Systems Hawk fast-jets, the team showcases the excellence of the Royal Air Force and demonstrates the global reach and capability of the Service, together with representing the best of British at home and overseas. We’re excited to be welcoming the Red Arrows for their first visit to Seattle. More details about the Red Arrows’ North America tour are here:

- The annual Aerospace Symposium of the British-American Business Connections – Pacific North West (BABC PNW), a transatlantic business network, on Tuesday 24 September. Details of the BABC PNW Symposium will be provided separately and UK companies can decide if they wish to register for that event directly with BABC. Their website is here

The UK Supplier Workshop will include a conference where Boeing & UK Government will be invited to speak, a Competitiveness Workshop where UK companies can better understand Boeing’s expectations of their suppliers, and B2B sessions where UK companies can talk in detail about their products and capabilities.

The event will be held at the Future of Flight in Everett, WA, which provides easy access for the maximum amount of Boeing representatives from Research and Technology, Supply Chain, Strategic Sourcing, Product Development, etc. This allows the maximum exposure for the event with Boeing team focals, and was a successful model used at the Technology Showcase (held at the Technical Centre in Harbour Pointe, WA).

The event will also include an evening reception and dinner where Boeing employees and UK supplier delegates can continue their engagement.

The event will be supported by the Department for International Trade, the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI).

There will be a registration fee of £770 (ex VAT) for companies selected for the event and an additional delegate rate of £110 (ex VAT) to cover the event and dinner costs. Delegates will be responsible for their own travel & living costs

Boeing Participants

Representatives will be invited from the following groups of people:


• Boeing Commercial Airplanes

• Boeing Defense Space & Security

• Boeing Global Services

• Engineering, Test & Technology (includes Research & Technology)


• Supply Chain Strategy

• Supplier Program Management

• Procurement Agent

• Supplier Quality

• Engineering

• Product Development

• Program Management

Candidate Company Selection

The final list of invitees will be at Boeing’s discretion; however, DIT will be able to bring forward candidates to assist the selection process. It is proposed to adopt two concurrent methodologies:

• Technology Need: Boeing will be asked to express their near-term tactical and long-term strategic product needs based on prospective upgrades to in-service platforms and new platform performance requirements. DIT will work with various partners such as BEIS, ADS, ATI, Sharing in Growth and Regional Trade Associations to identify candidate companies who can match the technology, product, component or service needs expressed by Boeing.

• Capability Offer: Boeing may be reluctant, for commercial confidentiality reasons, to share some of their strategic technology needs and therefore a wide range of technology developments can be offered to Boeing allowing them to pick the companies of interest without revealing the reason why. Candidate companies will be determined by: direct contact from the UK Government, based on industry knowledge and consultation with ATI, Sharing in Growth, NATEP, Devolved Administrations and Regional Trade Associations.

UK companies wishing to participate will be asked to describe their technology, product or service in a set format for inclusion in a Capability Brochure that will be sent to Boeing for review and a decision on final invitees. This ensures that all participation is relevant with a will to meet on both sides thus ensuring no wasted time or travel costs. This approach has proved very valuable to both Boeing and the UK companies during previous events. We know from our dialogue with Boeing that they are particularly interested in companies that have invested, or are investing, in new manufacturing processes because having confidence a company’s performance and ability to make quality products, reliably at rate, at cost competitive prices will be key to winning future business with them.

Boeing have stated that the specific areas of interest are:

- Structures

- Services

- Systems

- Interiors

- Materials and Standards

A Capability Matching Matrix will also be provided with this document which will describe the commodity breakdown structure used by Boeing. UK suppliers will be asked to match their capabilities with the relevant commodity groups. This will aid Boeing in the review of the submissions by ensuring the right commodity group team reviews the submissions.


Monday 23 September

- Red Arrows programme, including an evening reception at the Seattle Museum of Flight. Attendees to the UK Supplier Competitiveness Workshop will be automatically invited to the reception and more details of the Red Arrows programme will be made available in due course, as they become confirmed.

Tuesday 24 September

- BABC PNW Transatlantic Aerospace Symposium at Four Seasons Hotel, downtown Seattle (separate registration and fee direct to BABC PNW). Participation in this conference is optional )

- Everett production tour for BABC PNW Symposium for a limited number of conference attendees that register early

- BABC early evening reception at the venue

 Wednesday 25 September

- UK Supplier Competitiveness Workshop registration opens at The Future of Flight, Everett

- Welcome address from Senior Boeing Representative

- Address from Senior UK Government Representative covering the Growth & Prosperity Partnership, UK Govt commitment to aerospace, current programmes supported by Govt

- Boeing presentation covering market environment, programme status, technology roadmap, expectations of suppliers

- Presentation from Aerospace Technology Institute covering UK technology and product strategy, engagement with Boeing, future programmes

- Competitiveness Workshops (understanding Boeing’s expectations of the supply chain)

- Networking Lunch

- B2B sessions. 1 to 1 meetings of 20-30 mins. Boeing will schedule between one and five B2Bs with participants depending on level of interest across commodity groups

- Closing address from Boeing

- Reception & dinner held at local venue for all UK participants and Boeing guests

- Event closes

Please note, there will be no exhibition area at this event

How to Register for the Event

The Department for International Trade will administer the registration process on behalf of the UK Government and in partnership with Boeing. UK companies wishing to participate should follow this process:

- Carefully read the structure of the event to fully understand how it will run.

- Fill in the Capability Brochure blank form (Word doc) ensuring you follow the guidelines to maximize the impact of your submission. There is one paragraph of 100 words per specific capability you are proposing. There is scope for 4 capabilities. Use the Company Description section for general comments about your business.

- Fill in the Capability Matching Matrix (Excel doc). You should have one entry per capability paragraph in the matrix. Then put a cross in the columns that you think best matches your capability. This will ensure the correct Boeing Capability Buyers receive your brochure entry.

- Send your submissions to,, and (these will be included on the outgoing email so you can “reply all”) by Wednesday 26th June but please try and submit as soon as possible as we anticipate high interest

- DIT will review your submission, offer you advice on how to improve it, and include it in the UK Capability Brochure

- DIT will publish the brochure to Boeing on Monday 1st July who will review the submissions during July and decide who they wish to invite.

- You will receive a notification by the end of July to know if you have been invited by Boeing to participate in the September event.

- If you are invited, DIT will invoice you for £770 (ex VAT) which entitles you to send one delegate to the event (Red Arrows Reception on the Monday and Competitiveness Workshop event on the Wednesday. Additional delegates will be charged at £110 (ex VAT). You will be asked to name the delegates that will attend the event.

- Details of the event location and hotel recommendations will be sent out around the end of July to allow adequate time for travel planning

- If you wish to also attend the BABC Symposium, then please register separately with them at

N/A, Seattle , N/A

Booking Options

For more information regarding this event, please contact the event organisers.