Additive Manufacturing Overview

5th November 2018, Clevedon


Design, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and the Future 


The aim of this Additive Manufacturing training is to provide attendees with the most up to date overview of what additive manufacturing (AM) is, how to design and develop products for AM, how to manufacture with additive technology as well as what is happening in the market and how to exploit the AM opportunity. Additive Manufacturing is shaking up the manufacturing market from design to delivery; this course aims to give you the inside view of how to capitalise on this change. 

Unit C St David's Court, Windmill Road, Clevedon, BS21 6UP

Course Objectives

  • Additive Manufacturing history 
  • Current additive technology availability 
  • Design with additive in mind 
  • Manufacture with additive 
  • Cost, quality and time impacts 
  • Additive market now and in the near future 
  • Understand if additive is right for your business

Course Benefits

  • Increase your understanding of Additive Manufacturing 
  • Improve your Additive product design 
  • Maximise the impact of implementing Additive manufacturing in your business 
  • Reduce the time and cost of Additive implementation 
  • Jump start your Additive Manufacturing plan

Course Overview

This course will guide you through the Additive Manufacturing landscape, from how the technology works, and how to exploit the new design freedom it provides, to how to manufacture additive parts to aerospace standards. This overview is based on real case studies to introduce additive manufacturing into aerospace supply chains and will allow attendees to see the design, manufacture and business models that this new technology can deliver. You will be able to end the training with a clear idea of the technology, market and impact that additive could have on your business and decide if it is the right technology road map for you.

Our trainer is highly experienced within the additive sector and will give you access to past and current projects that allow you to understand and see the change, as well as find out the limitations that additive manufacturing can bring. We will be providing you with the necessary information, knowledge and experience to decide if additive manufacturing is part of your businesses’ future. 


Full day training (9.00am - 4.30pm) including lunch. 

Who should attend?

The Additive Manufacturing Overview course is designed for managers, decision makers and senior product designers within a business. Members who have influence over business policies will also benefit from the course

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